The developer of TeaLinux in Dinus Open Source Community (Doscom) held a Release Party TeaLinuxOS 9 at the Ballroom of Astoria Hotel Dafam, Imam Bonjol road Semarang. Doscom is a community of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus). The event, which was held on Saturday, May 15th 2017 along with National Seminar, presented two speakers namely Iwan S Tohari (Open Source of Fans Shoes) and Ahmad Harris (CEO and Creative Code Founder).
TeaLinuxOS is a Linux Distro from Ubuntu that has developed by Doscom, which is oriented in programming. With the philosophy of "the pleasure of a blend", TeaLinuxOS is openly developed to produce Linux programming distros for education. The support from virtual world communities and real communities make the TeaLinux operating system grow fast and becomes stable and good quality.
TeaLinuxOS 9 or Chamomile is an advanced edition of the TeaLinux Peppermint. "There are additional features in Chamomile namely ModulariTea which can install application with few simple steps," explained M. Nurul Irfan, the one of the Tealinux Chamomile developers. ModulariTea simplifies the process of searching, downloading, and installing into modules. TeaLinuxOS is campaigning AnTeapiracy against the use of pirated OS.
Iwan said that the government in some countries has started to use FOSS for personal computer (PC). One country that uses FOSS is Russia. In 2015, 22 thousand PCs in the government of the country have used FOSS. "Indonesia is not ready yet to use whole Open Source, therefore we start it," said Iwan who pioneered using Open Source in his company. At the beginning use FOSS, Iwan admitted it was quite difficult because not all software can be operated with Linux. "To support FOSS, we do not have to be a developer, at least we use it first," added Iwan. (* PR)

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