Higher Education (PT) is required to improve the quality of education in order to generate competent graduates. Each PT has its own way to maintain and to improve the quality of education. Quality improvement is done in various ways such as, increasing the value of accreditation, increasing the number of research faculty and visiting others PT.
Universitas Respati Yogyakarta (Unriyo) studied at Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang on Friday, May 26th 2017 because Udinus is believed has great competence and curriculum of education. The visit was conducted by the Faculty of Humanities and Technology (FST) Unriyo and accepted by the Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) Udinus. The Dean of FST Unriyo, Sri Hasta Mulyani, S. Kom, M. Kom expected this visit result could be implemented in FST Unriyo. "Some programs opened our minds such as one-year KKI in Udinus and give report cards to the teachers for example."
Informatics Engineering (IT) and Information System (SI) Udinus has been accredited A by BAN - PT in 2015. Therefore the quality of education is no doubt. It is the reason why Unriyo chose Udinus as a comparative study. Not only the education curriculum and systems in both courses, Unriyo also explored information of Udinus internal quality assurance in the Quality Assurance Office (KPM). The Head Control & Quality KPM, Nova Rijati S.Si, M.Kom said that every lecturer in Udinus has a report card that shows the quality of the lecturer. "There are 14 aspects of assessment in the report card and lecturers with low achievement index will be given extra training," said Nova.
The Dean of FIK Udinus, Dr. Drs. Abdul Syukur M.M said that the visit consider as the one of Udinus ways to expand the network. "Perhaps there will be a cooperation. It was from kind of this visits, "said Abdul Syukur. (* PR)
LISTENING: the Unriyo representatives are listening to the explanation from the Dean of FIK Udinus regarding the implementation of teaching at Udinus on Friday, May 26th 2017. Picture: Meyta Adelianah.

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