Indonesia's wealth from various potentials needs to be explored. Because when it continues to be optimized it will improve the competitiveness of Indonesia in the future. One of the sectors that began to grow is the animation sector.
The Animation Study Program of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) is pioneering an activity that encourages the contribution of creative industries, especially the animation sector. The National Animation Competition "D'Animatic" was held since November 2016, and the deadline for submission of the work was May 20, 2017 for the junior high school / senior high school / vocational high school in Indonesia.
In the D'Animatic event that was held on Tuesday, May 30 2017 at the Atrium of Citraland Mall, will award the winners in several nominations. "The competition is to provide a place of creation and appreciation for the animation works of the creative, innovative, and competitive young adult," said Deddy Award, S.Sn, M.Pd as the Chairman of the Executor. 29 participants from various regions in Indonesia, including Kudus, Malang, Tulungagung, and Bogor, the organizers finally passed 20 animations to be crowned as the winner.
The competition was divided into two categories, namely Empat Sekawan (Four Animated Horde) category and Free Theme Animation category. The Four Horde character is Udinus' mascot; Udin, Dian, Nunus, and Toro. Participants are required to make animated films in the 2D and 3D visualization, with the theme of adventure and friendship. The judges of the events were Sugiyanto, the Head of Animation Study Program (S1 ?Terapan) Udinus, the actor of Animation from Dreamtoon Division of Dreamlight, and film practitioners from Jogjakarta, on May 21-27 2017. The assessment points were the suitability of the theme and the concept, the technique of making the work of animation, cinematography, artistic value, and ethical values.
In the Free Theme category, the 1st winner was Ridhotul Nur Insan from The 1 Vocational High School (SMKN) of Boyolangu Tulungagung, the 2nd winner was Arif Anugerah Perkasa from SMKN 1 Ciomas Bogor, and 3rd winner was Rimba Putra from SMKN 11 Semarang. In the the Empat Sekawan category, the 1st winner was Ehezkiel Ferdin Marsha Pratama from SMKN 4 Semarang, the 2nd winner was Ayun Alfiyani from SMK NU Miftahul Falah, and the 3rd winner was Septiyan Adi Nugroho from SMKN 1 Purwodadi. (* PR)
EMPAT SEKAWAN: The awarding of D'Animatic for the winners of the Empat Sekawan category was held at the Atrium of Ciputra Mall on May 30 2017. Picture: Nining Sekar.

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