The linguistics problem does require more learning as a field of science. There are many languages ??we can learn in the world, and this is where the role of translator is needed. For example in the Japan, with a massive and planned translation, they can be developed the quality of science and technology. So it can be concluded that translation can be a bridge for the progress of a country.
The translator profession becomes a promising profession for those who learn translation, including the blind. However, the blind translators have not received sufficient publicity or attention, either from the general public or translation’s researchers.
This problem became the main focus of Raden Arief Nugroho’s research. He earned a Linguistics doctorate, with a dissertation entitled "The Process of Translating Text from English into Indonesian by Blind Translator (A Holistic Criticism Approach)." The Open Exam of Doctoral Promotion that held in the Conference Room of Postgraduate Linguistics Study Program of Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, last May, was conducted in front of the examiners and promoters. The exam of Raden Arief, who are the Head of Study Program (Kaprogdi) of Hospitality Management in the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus), was also attended by Vice Rector III of Student Affairs, Dr. Kusni Ingsih, M.M., the Dean of FIB Akhmad Syaifuddin, S.S., M.Si and other invited guests.
The dissertation found that the problem experienced by the blind translators is the limitations of text reading. For those who use the services of a blind translator, the question arises: "How far a blind translator can be able translates a text?" Or "Is there someone else who helps a blind translator?"
According to Arief, to improve the quality of translations of blind translators, he has compiled twenty-seven recommendations. "Such as that the translator should pay attention to the suitability of the source language meaning, the use of the term dictionary or check out the equivalent on the internet, avoid the removal of linguistic unit, pay attention to the word class, etc. “ explained Arief. For this research, Arief did exchange ideas with the Central Indonesian Association of Blind (Pertuni) and the Central Java Pertuni. "As the 41st Doctorate in Udinus, hopefully it can contribute positively to the society, the blind people, and Udinus," explained Kusni Ingsih after attending the Open Exam of Doctoral Promotion. (* PR)
LINGUISTIC: Raden Aried Nugroho (center) with FIB lecturers after the Open Exam of Doctoral Promotion at Sebelas Maret University. Picture: Doc. FIB.

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