As the first drug-free campus in Central Java, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) improves surveillance and prevention of narcotics in the campus. On Tuesday, June 6 2017, the Hall of E building on the 3rd floor of Udinus campus is crowded with students who take the Education of Pancasila and Citizenship (PKN) course. Hundreds of students attended the socialization of the drug dangers by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Central Java.
In the end of 2016, drug users in Central Java reached five hundred thousand users, equivalent to 1.96 percent of the total population in the province. 27 percent of users are adolescents. The Head of Prevention and Empowerment of BNN Section of Central Java, Jamaludin Makruf said the importance of the socialization is to prevent narcotics circulation among adolescents. "Students need to know the types of drugs and forms to be able to resist when offered a suspicious object by a friend," said Jamal. Usually narcotics are offered first by a known person or a close one.
Jamaludin Makruf conducted the socialization with two agents namely Sutriyaningsih and Jati. Usman Sudibyo S.Si., M.Kom, the Head of Udinus Cooperation Bureau, said that this kind of socialization is not the first time in Udinus. "As a drug-free campus, Udinus is often visited by BNN to check urine for employees and students randomly" said Usman Sudibyo. Udinus is nominated for a drug-free campus that supports Indonesia to fight against drugs and it will get an award from the President of Indonesia. (* PR)
PREVENTION: Udinus has done some prevention to help implementation of P4GN on campus. The Head of Prevention and Empowerment BNN Section of Central Java gave socialization of drug dangers in Udinus Hall on Monday-Tuesday, June 5 - 6 2017. Picture: Meyta Adelianah.

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